Psychotherapy & Counselling Services

Psychotherapy and counselling services help you explore options, develop coping strategies and strengths and learn to engage more fully in life again. They promote healing, resiliency and self-empowerment.

Counselling is a solution-focused method of examining a specific problem and taking steps to address that problem. Counselling involves talking about your problems in the present, without diving into the role of past experiences. It gives you a safe space where you can discover your own answers and supports you as struggle to understand and cope with the challenges in your personal or professional life.

Psychotherapy is aimed at easing your day-to-day suffering and challenges. It is focused on treating you like a whole person who is living with difficulties with thoughts, cognitions, moods, emotional regulation, perceptions or memories. These difficulties can lead to problems with judgments, insights, behaviours, communications or social functioning. Psychotherapy will explore your past and present to try to understand patterns of thoughts, behaviours and feelings that contribute to your present problems. This can help build momentum for lasting change.

Alana Hunt, M.Ed, RP, CCC, provides both counselling and psychotherapy. You may begin with a focused problem and then decide you would like to go deeper with psychotherapy. Or you may start deep, realize you aren’t quite ready for that, and then move into counselling. Or maybe we will blend the two from time to time, depending on what you need. Either way, we will work to develop a collaborative, empathetic and therapeutic relationship with you in a safe space. This will help you feel free to say and do whatever you need as you learn to more fully engage in life again. Since the therapeutic relationship is essential to positive outcomes, you are welcome to a free initial consultation. Sessions usually last 50 minutes to an hour.


First session – up to 60 minutes – $113.00
Subsequent session – up to 60 minutes - $140

A limited number of sliding scale appointments may be available from time to time based on client's financial need. This should be discussed during the first session.

Employment based and private health care insurance companies may cover all or part of therapy or counselling sessions with a Registered Psychotherapist or a Canadian Certified Counsellor. Please check your coverage with your health insurance provider. 

Fees are payable by the end of each in-person session and before each online counselling session. If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice or miss a scheduled session, then you will be charged the full fee for that session.