What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a regulated health care profession trained at evaluating, restoring and maintaining physical function. It is a distinct form of care which can be performed both in isolation or in conjunction with other types of medical management.


Physiotherapy can be useful in the diagnosis and management of a wide variety of injuries, disease processes, and other conditions.


How can physiotherapy help me?

Physiotherapy can help individuals by:


Identifying the problem area and treating this directly.

Physiotherapists are effective at treating injuries and physical limitations using many variety of techniques. In many cases, the causes of pain and dysfunction are obvious, but sometimes things are not so evident, especially when symptoms are inconsistent or difficult to describe. Physiotherapists can perform a wide range of tests to help locate the source of the problem and implement the appropriate treatment strategy.


Identifying the Causes and Predisposing Factors.

Physiotherapists are not only interested in the symptoms, but also the factors which contribute to the problem. Identifying factors such as poor posture, improper movement, muscle imbalances, poor work practices, or other bad habits allow interventions to be made more effective helping you recover quicker. This will reduce the risk of the same thing happening again in the future.

– Determine Solutions:

physiotherapists use a wide array of treatment techniques and approaches to help you move better or reduce the pain and stiffness you may be experiencing.


These treatments include amongst others:

  • Manual (‘Hands On’) Therapy

  • Exercise, motor control repatterining, movement variability, breathing correction, and strengthening

  • Ergonomic and Postural Education/Advice

  • Taping Techniques (including Kinesio-taping, postural and sports specific taping)

  • Custom Orthotics

  • Dry Needling/ IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation)

  • Pre- and Post-Surgical Physiotherapy


Physiotherapist are successful in treating:

  • Back and Neck Pain

  • Postural Problems

  • Occupational Injuries

  • Chronic Airways Disease

  • Rehabilitation following Surgery

  • Asthma Management

  • Specific children’s issues

  • Impaired Mobility

  • Geriatric Problems



Physiotherapists hold University degrees and advanced training in assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of acute and chronic musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.


Reframe Manual Physiotherapy lead by Aleks Thornton and associate Aneta Tomczak has teamed up with Fallingbrook Wellness to provide physiotherapy, guided exercise and dry needling/IMS services.


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