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Sore and achey feet or discomfort in your low back, hips, knees and ankles may benefit from the use of custom-made orthotics. Orthotics work by changing the way your foot absorbs forces when you walk and act to correct the abnormal biomechanics in the foot.

Orthotics are typically made as insoles for your own shoes.  By supporting the foot, they help accommodate and modify biomechanical abnormalities and can help keep your body in better alignment.  This in turn reduces the stress and strain on all of your joints.   

Dr Sarah Birkett, DC & Dr Adam Bletsoe, DC use an innovative diagnostic tool called a GaitScan™.  Imaging produced by walking across the GaitScan™ allows them to accurately assess any gait abnormalities and order the orthotics that most benefit you.

Custom-made orthotics can be suitable for people of all ages from young athletes to the elderly.  They are often covered by an Extended health Insurance Plan.

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