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Nicole McCutcheon M. OMSc.

I discovered osteopathy when I was looking to bring about my own best health. It made me want to help others reap its benefits.

I’m a graduate of the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy (CAO). It includes an immersive and intensive four-year full-time education program of classroom and clinical education that exceeds the World Health Organization’s very top standard of training. It’s a principles-based education — teaching us as practitioners to think, rationalize, and understand the human body as a collective, functional unit.

The result is, I work to really understand what’s going on with your body, and then you start to move, function, and feel better. I look forward to showing you how this therapy will improve your overall health.


Classical Osteopathy:

This manual therapy was discovered in the 1800s by scientist physician Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. He found that if the body is in normal alignment and balance to allow the flow of our own healing processes, it will be in normal health. He practised and taught a philosophy of treatment that is based on Principles and as such, it’s called Classical Osteopathy. That’s what I believe in, and it’s what I do.

Osteopathy literally means, “the suffering (pathos) of the structure (osteo)”. But when you hear the term “osteopathy”, you probably think it’s something about treating bones. In fact, bones are only part of what it’s about.

Osteopathy is about the biomechanics of bones and muscles together, and how they’re integrated with, and support the physiology of your entire body. It focuses on the patient rather than the disease, where rational treatment is based on these main principles:

  • Humans are dynamic, functional beings whose health is influenced by the body, mind and spirit

  • Your body heals itself naturally because of its inherent, self-regulating mechanisms

  • Structure and function are interrelated at all levels of the human body

Your body will always orient itself toward health. Sometimes though, it needs help. The best health it can find at any given moment can be blocked by a simple inability of the healing elements of your body to get where they need to go. I help them get there. By helping your body align and optimally move, your best health will show up.

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