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Lymphedema Therapy

Nicola Phibbs, RMT is a Certified Combined Decongestive Therapist trained to manage the symptoms of Lymphedema. Treatments for Lymphedema involve a technique called manual lymph drainage (MLD) that moves lymph fluid.

Lymphedema is the inability of the lymphatic system to transport fluid. Lymphedema can develop immediately or years after surgery or radiation and causes swelling in the limbs or legs. While any condition or procedure that injures or removes the lymph nodes can result in lymphedema, it is often times seen in patients who have undergone treatment for cancer.


The signs of lymphedema can be easily identified through daily functions. For example, in women, signs include heaviness, aching, and squeezing in the limbs. Also shirts, watches, and rings may not fit.


Treatments for lymphedema include manual lymph drainage (MLD), graduated compression garments, therapeutic exercises, and skin care. The goal of all treatments is to control swelling in the affected areas.


The amount of treatment a patient needs varies and can depend on the area of lymphedema and how well the patient responds to the treatment. Though there is no cure for lymphedema not treating it can lead to more medical problems.


Tips to living with and preventing lymphedema include protecting your skin, avoiding tight jewelry and clothing, practicing healthy nutrition and exercise, and always wearing compression garments when traveling or flying.



Initial Lymphedema Assessment: 90 min $135 plus HST

Follow-up Lymphedema Treatment: 60 min $100 plus HST

Treatment & Bandaging session: 90 min $135 plus HST

Bandaging only session: 60 min $100 plus HST

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